Thai Coconut Curry: you bought our curry paste! Thanks! 


Before we begin here, everyone should know this “recipe” is highly subjective. You can use this paste to make a coconut milk based curry, or you can use it in a dry curry stir fry (Khua Kling) with ground meat or even use it for fried rice. Use what you have and season to your taste! This recipe is for a coconut milk-based curry to serve w. steamed jasmine rice. 


Pour a nice layer of neutral oil into a heavy pot and heat on medium high heat until shimmering.


If cooking for 1-3 people, add half the container of paste, if cooking for more, add the whole container and fry, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon until it takes on a golden color and becomes fragrant. 


Add your sliced or cubed protein (chicken, tofu, pork, beef) to the pot, coat with the paste and cook for a few minutes, stirring occasionally. 


You can add whatever vegetables you have on hand! Add them from longest cooking to shortest cooking. If you want to add potatoes, pumpkin, or some type of root veg, don't tell anyone, but I peel it, cut into 1/2’’ pieces and microwave in a covered bowl with a little water until its almost tender before adding it in. Then I let it finish cooking through in the pot. If you’re using leafy greens, you’re going to add it at the very end. 


So add your vegetables into the pot and cook for a minute or so and then add a can or two of coconut milk. If you used half the paste, add one can, if you used all of it, add two. If you’ve added a lot of vegetables and notice that there may not be enough liquid, add some stock or water. Live your life. Let this simmer for about ten minutes or so until its thickened up a bit and becomes darker in color. Now would be the time to add leafy greens if you’re using. Taste it. Season with a squirt of fish sauce or two, a little sugar if you like it sweeter. Serve with steamed jasmine rice, (1:1 ratio people!),lime wedges and some chopped cilantro if you dig it. If you don’t, we can talk about that later. Take some pics and tag us @little.truc on Instagram. We want to see your renditions! Enjoy!