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Our Garden at Home

If you follow us on social media, you may have noticed that we spend a lot of time in our garden at home! We are so fortunate to have a huge garden where we’re able to grow a lot of specialty Asian produce for use on the truck.

I (Alex) grew up tending a community garden every weekend with my Dad, and growing our own food was something instilled in me from a young age.

Between ordering seeds from companies like Kitazawa who specialize in Asian vegetables, & getting them from farmer friends & our local Asian markets, we are fortunate to be able to grow a lot in our own backyard garden.

What started as just a fun passion project, has turned into a full scale kitchen garden for Southeast Asian produce that can be hard to find around us.

In years past we’ve grown Rau Ram (Vietnamese coriander), Kinh Gioi (Vietnamese balm), Kemangi (lemon basil), Bai Horapha (Thai sweet basil), Bai Kaprow (Thai holy basil), Tia To (Vietnamese perilla), Tuapu (winged beans), Tua Fak Yao (yardlong beans), Bi Dao (fuzzy squash), Bitter Melons, Celtuce, a variety of Thai Chilies (Prik Chee Fah, Prik Jinda, Prik Leung), Lemongrass, and Makeua Yao (Thai long green eggplant) among others.



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